SageWoman Ranch
Welcome to the Ranch!
Welcome to SageWoman Ranch. I am Lisa B, proud ranch mama and hippy wanna be! We are located in the NorthWest portion of the Las Vegas Valley. For us, the ranch is a little slice of country in the big city. We moved here two years ago so my husband could open his own business . It's a classic story of country girl married to city boy - opposites do attract.

We raise Nigerian Dwarfs on our little 3/4 acre homestead along with chickens. We sell our organic free range eggs as well as local raw honey produced by our neighbor to help pay for our feed bill. We try to grow as much of our own food as we can.

Our 3 children are homeschooled and are interested in showing our goats. If they had their way we'd travel every month to a show. As you can see there is never a dull moment on the ranch and always more work to do than time.

Pull up a cup of java or tea and take a look at our beauties. We are grateful to all of those angels in our life who have helped us on our journey.


Steven with his buck DesertWinds NightHawk
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