Pony Trail Farm
Dzimianski's and Violet Vale Dairy Goats

Pony Trail Farm was founded in 1994 when we purchased a large piece of property in Northeast Georgia, about 10 miles outside of Athens. The property was mostly wooded, with areas of brush where pine trees had been cut. Through the years that followed, we improved the land adding in fenced areas, clearing land, and planting pasture. The farm name comes from our original livestock which consisted of two ponies.

In 1999 we, like many other Americans were seeking ways to become self-sufficient prior to Y2K. We bought various things that would help us to live comfortably in the event that we were forced to live for some time without modern conveniences. As a part of our preparation, we decided to get a couple of dairy goats. We knew that we wanted healthy stock, so we decided to purchase registered goats. We looked at goats throughout Northeast Georgia, and finally decided on a Saanen milker with a two week old kid. In the meantime, Sara, who was then 17 applied for a kid through the Kudzu Kids for Kids program, and received a three-month old Nubian kid. We later purchased another Saanen milker and a Saanen buck. These five animals formed the foundation for the herd we have today. Every one of our does, with the exception of Snickers is descended from at least one of these foundation animals.

Sara was required to show her Kids for Kids doe, and so we went ahead and entered all of the eligible animals in the show at the 1999 Gwinnett County Fair. We came home with two blue ribbons and a Reserve Jr. Champion ribbon… We’ve been showing ever since. We finished our first champion in 2002, and have shown several other animals to championship status. To date we have finished eight does and two bucks that are of our breeding, as well as our foundation buck. Our animals have competed at two National Shows, and have placed well in their respective classes.

As we continue to breed dairy goats, we will focus on developing an animal with correct type and moderate to high production. While we like high-producing animals, we want an animal that is economical to keep; therefore we seek to achieve balance.
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