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  You'll find your farm friends here, so we invite you to move into our neighborhood and create a site of your own!   The neighbors are great, and best of all...it's RENT-FREE!

  Our goal is to provide a free and comfortable place for small websites featuring farm or farm-related activities.  It's great for a starter site, and we don't bombard you with flashing ads or annoying popups that detract from your efforts to create your attractive and unique home-on-the-web!  Maybe you just need a quick site to announce your club's show, or fundraiser, so help yourself!

  You're welcome to stay with us at OurFarmSite for as long as you want.  But we suspect that at some point, you'll probably be ready to spread your wings...and go off on your own...with your own domain name!  When you're ready to make that move to your own domain identity (such as YourOwnFarmName.com), we'll be ready for you at Khimaira WebHosting!  Having your own domain name will allow you to grow as much as you want, from a farmette at OurFarmSite to a full size farm or ranch with room for your critters to roam!  You can even have your own free personalized email... with unlimited number of addresses! (yourname@YourOwnFarmName.comGo Here to find a domain name!

  And, if you move to Khimaira, you can also use the tools on this site to create your new one.  Just save the page to your hard drive, then make any necessary link pages and upload to your own site!

  If you decide that web designing is not your specialty, don't hesitate to check out our list of Preferred WebDesigners!  They give discounts to our customers!

  Visit our Khimaira WebHosting FAQs for more information on creating websites as well as learn why YOU should have your place on the web!

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